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Emptytree Seedy Manual
Chapter 1 - Introduction

Emptytree-seedy is a distributed digital music system.

1.1 Roles

The initial role of emptytree-seedy is the distributed batch processing of digital audio from CDs to create a disk based music archive in MP3 format. Multiple computers can be harnessed to cooperatively encode entire music collections.

With a music archive the need for grouping, sorting and listening to the music is emptytree-seedy's primary role.

1.2 System

An emptytree-seedy system consists of one or more hosts (networked computers) running a number of daemons, Which daemons depends on the hosts hardware. For every CPU an Encoder daemon should be configured, for every soundcard a Player daemon, for every cdrom a Cdrom daemon. One host acts as the main host, this is typically a server machine that is left running most of the time or at least most of the time the other hosts are running, it should also be the host upon which the encoded songs will reside. It controls the automatic CD ripping and the distribution of encoding work. The main host will run a Controller and Repo daemon for its extra tasks. Keeping track of who, what and where is a service daemon (Thing::Service) running on each host.

1.3 Intended Audience

Installation and configuration will require Unix skills to install dependent packages, configure networking, etc. Usage should be possible by anyone with basic computer skills.

1.4 Acknowledgments

Like most open source projects (and closed ones for that matter), emptytree-seedy relies on other free software for its foundation and inspiration. To credit a few; PERL, CPAN, storable, mpg123, lame, cdparanoia, freedb, postgresql, debian, linux and Gtk.

1.5 Contact

gj262 at yahoo.com

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Emptytree Seedy Manual

19 March 2002
Gavin Jefferies gj262 at yahoo.com